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Architects’ Office, circa 1900

Made in 1/12th scale by Wm. R. Robertson, 1997


When Wm. R. Robertson built his Architects’ Classroom for the Toy & Miniature Museum in the 1990's, he also created this smaller version for himself. The Architects’ Classroom has become an iconic miniature, having been featured on covers of magazines around the world.  This piece, created by the artist to enjoy in his home, effectively evokes the same spirit by including a selection of choice items and details. Robertson has lent it out for temporary exhibitions at the Musée de la Civilisation in Quebec, Canada and the Staatliche-Kunstgewerbemuseum in Dresden, Germany.


The furnishings were copied from period examples. The table bases were cast in white bronze and machined. A gear mechanism raises the large table and the smaller table's tilt feature tightens with a cam lock. The stools raise, lower, turn, and roll on casters. Paul Runyon, one of  Robertson’s mentors from whom he learned a lot, made the arm chair. Instrument chests have working latches, real paints, brushes, rolling and ebony parallels, pear wood curves, etc. The ivory rules and nickel silver protractors are individually engraved. T-squares include an adjustable example. One is patterned after Starrett’s and has a cast head. Triangles have edges and are lined in rosewood. Other tools include working dividers, pencil sharpeners, slope dishes, ink pens, ink stands, etc. The glazed and framed prints cover the wall. The floor lamp has a spun and enameled metal shade and is adjustable for height. The steel wire waste basket has 1,020 solder joints.

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