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How I Run My Business

I was  asked why I finally created a website and realized it is more to tell about, than to sell my work.

For 46 years, I’ve made my living making and selling miniatures, all in very limited quantities. Normally, I make approximately six of each piece—and never have I gone back and made more. I no longer accept commissions because I prefer to focus on projects I have thought about making for years. A dear friend once stated, “I have a 25-year backlog of work and a 10-year life expectancy.” While I’m not quite there yet, I feel the same kind of pressure. So now it is time for me to make some of the the most wonderful miniatures of objects I have seen through my extensive travels, so stay tuned. 

Items Currently for Sale


When I do have something for sale, I’ll post it on this page, which is linked to my social media. The first person that commits to purchase by phone or email will get the piece that’s up for sale. I accept payment by check or wire transfer (overseas only). I do not accept credit cards.



Consignment Sales 

I occasionally will offer pieces on consignment. I have made over a thousand pieces, the current whereabouts are known of many of them, but many more remain to be located. If you have a piece of mine and want information or to sell it, contact me. Also interested in the work of Paul Runyon, Don Buttfield, Harry Cooke, Dennis Hillman, Barry Hippwell and other fine artists. I knew and learned from these artists and have sold a number of pieces for top prices. Total discretion assured

*Please note: I spend most of my time in the shop so I will only respond to pertinent emails.

I currently have nothing for sale as I am trying to get caught up on my work after Long Covid

Follow my Facebook and Instagram for any new pieces as they will show up there first, Thank you.

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