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Artist Statement

When one looks at a miniature, it has been said you can see all of it at once, in one eyeful rather than taking one part over there and another part in the other direction.


I like to compress all the detail of the original into a small space and in the process, solve the problems of miniaturization; such as finding scale wood grain, cutting dovetail and other joints to microscopic size and capturing every detail in the carving.


Even in minute size, I enjoy the challenge of making the miniature function as the original, with details like working locks and mechanisms. During this process, I often work to tolerances of a thousandth of an inch but I let aesthetics take over to make it look right. Even in near-perfect scale it is important to let the eye be the final judge.


In a sense, I feel my work is the opposite of Claes Oldenburg, who takes everyday objects and blows them up for the public to see. I take somewhat obscure objects and shrink them down to be enjoyed in private.

~William R. Robertson

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