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Factory Work Carts

Made in 1/12th scale by Wm R Robertson, 2021

4 1/2" L x 2 1/2" W x 1 1/2"H

At last the Miniature Factory Carts are DONE! These seemed to take forever but then they ended up having over a 140 pieces in each. That I would have never guessed that when I started these months ago.

I showed one to my 92 year old mother who has seen just about every miniature I have made over the past 44 years. She just loved the way they rolled around on the kitchen table and thought they were so much fun to play with. Many of my miniatures are so delicate most folks are afraid to touch, these, just like the originals are pretty tough.


For those that have been following this project on Instagram (see ) Below are some of the photos from those posts in reverse order. I started by making a half dozen fairly complex casting patterns from brass. Then molds were made and the pieces were lost wax cast in white bronze. Next came machining which a number of special jigs and fixtures had to made, when finished, they were sand blasted and colored. To assemble tiny nuts and bolts had to be machined from steel, one post about these was viewed by 365,000 people just on Instagram! Next came the wooden parts cut from an old very fine grain piece of cherry that has been in my shop since the 1970s. These parts were jointed or nailed together and finally name plates made and installed.

I made a total of 8, 2 for a special museum project, 2 for me, 2 for a future project and 2 were sold.

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