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WRR’s 1st Desk, American, Southern, c. 1790

Made in 1/12th scale by Wm. R. Robertson, 1977


The first piece of miniature furniture Robertson ever made was this desk. He made it for his mother and based the design on a piece of “junk mail” sent to their house. He made a scale drawing as he was taught in jr. high school shop class. From that, he used the skills he’d learned building models of cars, ships and planes to make the desk. A funny detail about this desk: Since at the time, he knew nothing about 18th Century furniture, he copied the modern drawer slides from the sideboard in their dining room. Robertson has considered remaking that same desk using the knowledge he’s gained to commemorate 50 years in the business. That anniversary is going to be here this decade. He made the first desk in the spring of 1977 and started nine more that summer. Another funny story: One of only two times building miniatures did Robertson’s frustration boil over. A fit of temper caused him to smash one of those 9 partially made desks with a crushing hammer blow. The second he did, he knew he'd made a costly mistake. After finishing, the desks all sold quickly. Robertson knows the current whereabouts of 6 desks. 


*Wonder why a 21-year-old was interested in making miniatures in the late ’70s. 

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