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William (Wm.) R. Robertson, American, born 1956- 


          *This is a brief version of my working career.  The full version 





2019             Making Furniture Microscopic, Newport Restoration, Doris Duke Foundation,                                              Rough Point, Newport, RI. June 18, 2019.


2018             William Robertson - Maximum Miniatures, Ideacity. Moses Znaimer's Conference,                                      Toronto, Canada, June 24, 2018.

2017             Details Matter: A Micro Mechanician in the Modern World. TEDx KC, Kauffman Center                            Kansas City, MO., Aug. 18, 2017

2016             Bill Robertson, Tool Collector & Model Maker, EG 11 Conference, Carmel, CA., April 13-                            15, 2017.


2010             Boston Beacon Hill House, Toy and Miniature Museum Kansas City, MO., May 11, 2010.

2008            The Turning Room in Bonnier de la Mosson's Cabinet of Curiosities,   Linda Hall Library,                          Kansas City, MO.


2005             The Miniatures of Wm. R. Robertson, Kunstgewerbemuseum , Schloss Pilnitz, Dresden,

                      Germany, July 10, 2005. *Only speaker at opening, translated into German.

1987              Small Wonders: The Delightful World of Miniatures, National Geographic Society,

                      Grosvenor Auditorium, Washington, DC. October 19, 1987.

                      *Leonard Grant (VP) told WRR he was the first speaker to sell out the since auditorium                             Richard Leakey spoke there.


1980             Making a Rhode Island Card Table, Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC.,                            August 12, 1980.



Museum Permanent Collections     


The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, Kansas City, MO.          

*Formerly The Toy and Miniature Museum.


KSB Collection, Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, Maysville, KY.


Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, Tucson, AZ.

Special Exhibitions


2015             The Miniature, Grunwald Gallery of Art, IU, Bloomington, IN. Aug. 28 to Oct. 3, 2015.


2014             Highlights from the Collection of The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, Nelson-                          Atkins Museum of Art, KCMO. July 2, 2014 to Feb. 22, 2015.


2005             Miniatturen Die Welt 1:12, Kunstgewerbemuseum, Schloss Pilnitz, Dresden,                                                  Germany, Jul. 10 to Nov. 1, 2005.          


2001             Masters in Miniature, The Pistner Collection, Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL., Nov.                              2000 to June 2007.


1997              Zoom Sur La Miniatures, Musee De La Civilisation, Quebec, Canada, April 1997 to April                            1998.


1987             Small Wonders: The Delightful World of Miniatures, National Geographic Society,                                      Explorers Hall, Washington, D.C., Oct. 21 1987 to Jan. 1, 1988.         


1984             The Enchanting World of Dollhouses & Miniatures, National Geographic Society,                                        Explorers Hall, Washington, DC., Dec. 14, 1984 to Feb. 17 1985, *Chief Justice Warren                              Berger and Mrs. George Bush both attended.


1980             Holiday Celebration, Smithsonian Museum of American History, Washington, DC., Dec.                            26-31, 1980




2015             Joe Martin Foundation Metalworking Craftsman of the Year,  Carlsbad, CA.


2011              Don Buttfield Award, IGMA Guild School, Castine, ME.

2008             Naming of  “Wm. R. Robertson Fine Arts Rotunda," KSB Collection, Maysville, KY.


TV and Film


2019             The Miniature, Tiny Goat Productions, Toronto, Canada


2005             History Detectives, Public Broadcasting System (PBS), season 3, episode 301


1987              "3,2,1 Contact”, Children's Television Workshop, Fall 1987


Museum Exhibit Work

        2019 - 2008     Design/Build, KSB Collection, Maysville, KY.

        2009 - 1989      Design/Curate/Build, Toy and Miniature Museum, Kansas City, MO.

        2005 - 1996      Restoration Consultant, National Park Service, Thomas Edison's Lab,                                                                      West Orange, NJ. & Wright Brothers Shop, Dayton, OH.

        2003 - 2000    Design, Naples Museum of Art, Stephen and Patricia Pistner Gallery, Naples, FL.

        1999 - 1996      Design, The American Museum of the Miniatures Arts (closed), Dallas, TX.


        1987 & 1984     Curate, National Geographic Society, Explorers Hall, Washington, D.C. 


Books, Magazines and Newspapers

        WRR has been featured in dozens of books, magazines and newspapers in many countries; ranging                 from a story about building his first miniature desk in 1977 to multi-page features.


*The full list of


        WRR has taught nearly 100 hands-on classes in the United States, Denmark, France, Holland and                  Japan. He has taught for 26 years at IGMA's Guild School in Castine, ME, and for 13 years in                            Copenhagen and Denmark.

        *The full of



2005             The Turning Room in Bonnier de la Mosson's Cabinet of Curiosities, E.A.I.A, The                                         Chronicle &  The Society of Ornamental Turners (UK).      


-1991            Handy Histories, Crosscuts, Mantel Cabinet; Workbench Magazine.


1995             La maison Mystérieuse, Maison de Poupée (French).


1993             Miniature Masterworks; The precision of Frank Early's furniture is no small feat, Fine                                Woodworking.

“If you don't have all the time in the world it might be best to rush past all these wonders to the crowning exhibit, William R. Robertson's Georgian mansion, which is the sort of dollhouse Fabergé might have built for a Tsarina”

                                                                                                                  Washington Post, Hank Burchard, November 23, 1987   


Bill at Kentucky Gateway Museum

KSB Miniature Collection, Maysville, KY

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